London Launch of 84 Poems on male suicide, vulnerability, grief and hope.

84 poems on suicide

I am proud to have a poem in this important anthology of poems:

Join us at Foyles Bookshop, Charing Cross Road, on April 3rd at 7pm for the London Launch.

Eighty Four: Poems on male suicide, vulnerability, grief and hope

Curated by Helen Calcutt

Published by: VERVE Poetry Press



Eighty Four is a new anthology of poetry on the subject of male suicide in aid of CALM. Poems have been donated to the collection by Andrew McMillan, Salena Godden, Anthony Anaxogorou, Katrina Naomi, Ian Patterson, Carrie Etter and Peter Raynard, while a submissions window yielded many excellent poems on the subject from both known and hitherto unknown poets we are thrilled to have been made aware of. Curated by poet Helen Calcutt, Eighty-Four showcases human vulnerability in all its forms. From the baby in the bath who knows daddy is gone, to the woman whose father haunts her through the window, here is a diverse collection of voices, delicately speaking the intense difficulties of the human predicament, courageously engaging with the profound impact that male suicide is having on all of us. There’s a glittering strength to this volume, because of the honesty from which its poems have been created, giving this book the truth it was seeking. We hope to shed light on an issue that is cast in shadow, and often shrouded in secrecy and denial. If we don’t talk, we don’t heal, and we don’t change. In Eighty Four, we are talking. Are you listening?


 Full list of poets included (A-Z): Anthony Anaxagorou, Romalyn Ante, Casey Bailey, Abie Budgen, Lewis Buxton, David Calcutt, Helen Calcutt, Louisa Campbell, Garry Carr, Stuart Carswell, Gram Joel Davies, Michelle Diaz, Glyn Edwards, Carrie Etter, Robert Francis, Alan Girling, Salena Godden, Emily Harrison, John Hawkhead, Martin Hayes, Alastair Hesp, Shaun Hill, Paul Howarth, Rosie Jackson, Janet Jenkins, Helen Kay, Asim Khan, Charles Lauder, Hannah Linden, Jane Lovell, Nick Makoha, Liam McCormick, Andrew McMillan, Abegail Morley, Katrina Naomi, Isabel Palmer, Ian Patterson, Mario Petrucci, Zoe Piponedes, Claire Potter, Peter Raynard, Brenda Read-Brown, Victoria Richards, Belinda Rimmer, Bethany Rivers, Stephen Seabridge, Richard Skinner, Caroline Smith, Janet Smith, Joelle Taylor, Maria Taylor, Christina Thatcher.





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