'The Immigration Handbook' shortlisted for the 2016 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry.


Caroline Smith

‘The Immigration Handbook was certainly the most moving and inspiring book of poems I read last year. It really is a major book of political poems; I find it hard to think of a comparably successful achievement in that area.’
Prof Bernard O’Donoghue

‘There is every human emotion here, from resignation and regret, to defiance and tenderness. We see the people behind the headlines, and we rejoice and mourn alongside them. This collection not only moves the heart, but reveals to us the hidden stories of those who do not have a voice of their own.’
Rachel Carney

”This book has a much nobler purpose and occupies what Carolyn Forche has called the third space in poetry: not the personal or the political, but the social, making a profoundly compassionate and powerful case for the asylum seeker. It deserves a wide readership’
Afric Mcglinchey

Photograph © Mark Wright 2015